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Hypnotherapy The Transformation Process Your Second Appointment 

For Your Safety & Comfort Please Ensure That you Read The following Before Listening To The Recording 
Please Ensure: 
1) you are not driving or operating machinery. 
2) as a precaution, you set an alarm on your phone for the time that you have allowed to practice 
3) you are lying down and supported comfortably on a soft surface  
4) you have nothing crossed, this will allow you to protect vulnerable veins and arteries. 
Please click on the video to listen to the second phase of the Transformation Process: 
You are moving closer to developing better management over your body, just practice required now. 
Fundamentally you are making time for you, this is imperative when allowing your body to respond naturally for you. 
Developing the ability to self-care is vital when building and maintaining natural body functions and self-esteem. 
On our next appointment we will be looking at gaining the ability to manage the mind. 
Further on we will be able to implement these skills in the real world on a daily basis, in a way that will help you to achieve your aim. 
This page will support you through the coming week. 
If you have any concerns please email me rather than wait until our next appointment to discuss. 
To help with this whilst practising, see yourself having gained what you want from our appointments, it would be interesting to see what comes to you? 
How do you look? 
What are other noticing about you? 
How are you thinking? 
What are you doing that is different? 
What changed since our initial consultation? 
Please do not go for perfection, this would be a strategy that offers permission to be stressed or worse, give up? 
Looking forward to working with you on our next appointment: 
Please make a note of the positive changes that you experience and wish to repeat in the future, we can amplify these at our next meeting. 
Managing Feelings 
Taking Control 
Appointment Support Two 
You have recently completed your second session of the Transformation Process, we are assuming at this point that you have been successfully practising Transformation Process One and achieved a sense of relaxation in your body; for some this relaxation may be experienced in the mind but this will largely depend on the issues that you are addressing. 
For those of you that still have active minds or disturbing thoughts, be patient this will be addressed during your third appointment, although, most of you will be experiencing the benefits of this therapeutic intervention by now. 
It is true to say that high levels of anxiety are accompanied by intrusive thoughts and the more relaxed we are the less we experience intrusive thoughts. 
So you are taking the right approach to reduce the level of intrusive thoughts, although this might not be immediate. For those of you who are not suffering from anxiety but wish to take a greater level of control over habits and behaviours this calmness reduces the urgency or the drive to want or need to satisfy your issue and your third appointment will offer you the opportunity to say no; you will still need to practise but you are on the right path. 
These procedures will not change you without practise however, they will offer you the ability to manage your mind and body rather than allowing your mind and body to manage you.  
Everything requires effort and commitment, this will come as no surprise to you as these resources have been a part of your personality profile for a long time, reference your first support page. 
Please do not try to resist intrusive thoughts by attempting to push them out of your mind, you will find that they resist your efforts and become stronger. You might find that your mind is concerned about something, such as going to the bank or completing something at work, accept the thought, see the thought through to a positive conclusion and convert it into a positive fantasy; for example, imagine going into the bank and completing your transaction; now walk out of the bank and step onto the beach of your desert island and allow the bank manager to serve you your favourite cocktail, this will satisfy the concern and allow you to continue with your 30 minutes practise. 
After all whatever it is, it will be waiting for you when you have finished, so be disciplined and keep your time for you. If you need to, you can create worry time to be completed after Transformation Process, if you need to do this set a time limit for your worry time, no more than 15 minutes. 
Please be patient, it took you more than two one hour sessions to become negatively affected by your own issues however, these issues can be resolved relatively quickly, although only if you practise as requested. 
To remind you, attending your weekly therapy is not helping you to feel better, it is the quality and consistence of your practising that is gradually changing you. Changing with a therapist within the session is change indeed. A meta change happens when you change your self in your own environment. 
During your first session you gained the skills to turn down your stress hormones and achieve a biological balance, homeostasis, during your second session you gained the ability to enjoy self hypnosis
You are now practising these skills as follows: 
1) Self-hypnosis, you are drifting back home enjoying your own company in your favourite chair, yes even if you are already there, eventually out onto the balcony where the view of your favourite place of relaxation can relax you, eventually taking one step down at a time, becoming deeper relaxed with each descending step, into your favourite place of relaxation. 
This is known as a associative technique which allows you to access an altered state of awareness, hypnosis. You are unable to be sitting in one location and experience through your own senses being in another, without dissociating. This technique is the quickest way to access this state. 
2) Once in your favourite place of relaxation you can now practice transformation one. 
3) So your sequence is now Transformation Two, as learned during your second session and then practise Transformation One, as learned in your first session, in your favourite place of relaxation. 
Your place of relaxation is very important to the process of creating your conditioned response or classical conditioning, it will be the glue that will bind your progress into being able to use this process in vivo, in the real world. 
Allowing you to be able to manage your moods, feelings and desires in the real world, where your thirty minute practising would be unwieldy. 
If my spelling and grammar are starting to have less of a negative impact on you, congratulations, you are becoming less judgmental and irritable and more accepting of life; this usually means that you are returning your hormonal balance to factory settings.  
Adapting to or becoming more accepting of life and reality and those around you, will lead you into a happier place. 
If you are still arguing with yourself about what is right and wrong or what others should or should not be doing or what you must achieve or what you must not do, then it’s time for you to practise your Transformation Process and please consider this; 
whilst the way that you think is your choice, you are choosing to feel the way that you do by thinking the way that you think! 
Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? 
Some would answer “I want to be right and happy.” 
That’s fine but happiness is not a right, we are required to think a certain way to be happy, that does not mean that something or someone else has to be a certain way before you can experience happiness. If your happiness is dependent on someone else or something else, you have an external locus of control. 
You are required to think rationally to be happy. Sometimes being right and happy are achievable, this is generally referred to as being rational but if what you are wanting or worry about is making you unhappy, then something is not right for you, this in CBT terms is known as irrationality! 
Remember if you have any concerns please email me as soon as possible Email: info@hypnotherapysurrey.com 
Now that you are doing something about these issues we can resolve them quickly and efficiently. I look forward to meeting you on your third appointment where we will be taking a more cognitive approach to being in control, bearing in mind that your cognition is only ten percent of your brains activity. 
Please take into account these support pages are for a range of issues and people; not all of these comments are necessarily meant for you or to address your specific issue but some of the content will be. 
Please use what you will from this to help yourself. 
Want to know how stress and anxiety influence your life and health STRESS & ANXIETY 
I have yet to finish proof reading this page and I probably never will, I guess for me, it is probably good enough but what do you think? 
Kind regards 
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