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 Top Twelve And A Half Reasons Why   People Like You Choose The SCCP For Their Hypnotherapy Training   Your Next Hypnotherapy Course Starts Nov 09th & 10th 2024.  Start Your New Hypnotherapy Career.   Book Today  The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy  Please note:  The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy is not part of The University of Surrey.  We are fortunate enough to be able to hire training facilities at the University of Surrey to run our courses. 

1) One Course, 7 Qualifications. 
1 ) Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (ADCH) 
2) NLP Practitioners Certificate (NLP Cert) 
3) EMDR Plus Practitioners Certificate (EMDR Plus Cert) 
4) EFT Level 1 & EFT Level 2 Practitioner Certificate (EFT Practitioner) 
5) Solution Focused Certificate Therapist (SFT Cert) 
6) Positive Psychology Certificate 
7) The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD. 
HPD, The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, by completing the Learning Outcomes throughout the course or on completion of the course, your choice, you can now gain your HPD. 
The ADCH course includes your HPD training. 
Attended training at the University of Surrey. 
This is a multi disciplined course. 
One approach will not be suitable for every client. 
One approach will not work with every issue. 
If you want to do the best for your clients and help their friends and relatives, you will need many therapeutic tools. 
Take a look at the subjects that we cover by following this LINK 
If you want to build a practice we can help. 
2) We train hypnotherapists to be " CONFIDENT TO PRACTICE"  
The SCCP is the most practical dynamic hypnotherapy course in the UK & Europe. We encourage our students to start practising the hypnotherapy techniques taught after the first weekend, and then continue throughout the course.  
We assist all SCCP graduates to develop their own clinical hypnotherapy practice, be it private sector or private practice within an NHS environment, whether part time or full time, this is your choice. 
The extremely high standard of hypnotherapy training, ensures that SCCP graduates are able to help people in the clinical and medical sector, addressing a diverse range of clinical issues with clinical hypnotherapy. 
Please read what so many students have said about our successful hypnotherapy training. For more information Training Testimonials 
All Hypnotherapy Graduates  
Are Fully Qualified Confident Hypnotherapy Practitioners 
You Will Be Fully Supported By SCCP Hypnotherapy Staff 
Successfully Training Hypnotherapists Since 1996 
training hypnotherapy class each month
James is a published lecturer, whose Passion is reserved for teaching hypnotherapy by clinical experience. 
3) SCCP lectures have the support of forty years clinical experience. 
James Golding is one of the most experienced, successful hypnotherapists in the UK & Europe today, with more than 40 years clinical hypnotherapy experience. 
James is proud to have worked at, Woking Community & Mental Health Hospital, Hillview Medical Centre and The Priory, whilst being instrumental in training Medical Graduates at Frimley Park Hospital, Post Graduate Training Center in the clinical use of hypnotherapy.  
James has lectured at, Singleton Lodge, BruneI University and Whitelands College Rohampton University, The Marist West Byfleet and now the University of Surrey. 
4) The SCCP is recognised as the most contemporary eclectic hypnotherapy training course in the UK and Europe.  
Please look for yourself, we are sure that you will agree, this is the most up to date eclectic hypnotherapy training course available. 
We have designed this hypnotherapy training course to enable you to work with any client and issue that comes to your practice. 
Many years ago, James trained to be a psychodynamic counsellor. Once in practice he realised this one approach was not appropriate for every client, and every issue brought to him. To be able to work with more clients, and a wider range of issues, James looked toward a more eclectic approach to therapeutic interventions. Developing this multidisciplinary approach to therapy permitted a rounded service to the Surrey community, eradicating the need to turn clients away. This multifaceted approach has been brought to the hypnotherapy training. 
Your hypnotherapy training will cover, the behavioural sciences, solution focused therapy, time line therapy, CBT, NLP, inner child work, positive psychology, EFT, EMDR Plus, allowing you to receive seven separate qualifications for these subjects, and so much more. Hypnotising someone will not change them, how you work with someone and what you say whilst your client is in hypnosis will.  
The above is a list of disciplines, your hypnotherapy training course will also include the other hypnotherapeutic interventions and approaches, such as Ericksonian, Rogerian, Tad James, Apposition Of Opposites, Ten Step Re-frame etc, please look for yourself - HERE 
The Most Eclectic Hypnotherapy Training Course In The UK & Europe  
teaching a hypnosis induction eye fixation eye roll
One Approach Will Not Fit All Clients. 
As A Hypnotherapist,  
You Do Not Want  
To Be Limited By One Approach.  
Gain the HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma with the NCH
the HA, hypnotherapy Association
5) Nationally And Internationally Accredited Training & Qualifications. 
Hypnotherapy Training Courses. 
The SCCP is pleased to be recognised, supported, and accredited, by the: 
National Society of Hypnotherapists, NCH,  
The Hypnotherapy Association, HA, 
The National Society of Psychotherapists, NSP. 
Offering You An Assurance Of Excellence. 
Qualifications that allow you to apply for CNHC registration. 
NSPsy a register for therapists
6) The Surrey College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy is accredited on the National Qualification Framework 
By completing the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD, Learning Outcomes you will be awarded a certificate of achievement by the NCFE. 
The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, HPD has been accredited by the NCFE, for having measurable learning outcomes, benchmarked at NVQ Level 4 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors). 
The NCFE is recognised as an Awarding Organisation by the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
The NCFE accreditation proffers formal recognition of The Surrey College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training Courses, which result in the ‘award’ of a certificate of achievement. 
The NCH is approved by the NCFE, the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD, has been accredited by the NCFE. NCFE accreditation offers assurance that the content of a training course is of a high standard, and meets the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation. On completion of the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD you will be able to apply for registration with the CNCH. 
The NCFE  
Awarding Body
HPD qualification independently awarded by the NCFE
Ensuring Training 
Of Excellence. 
The Surrey College  
Clinical Hypnotherapy  
Offers Training That Is Second To None. 
This Is A Hands On Practical Course 
A fish on a bike? hypnotherapy can help
Reading Books Builds Knowledge 
Practise Builds Wisdom 
Understanding & Confidence  
7) The SCCP is the leading hypnotherapy clinic in the UK 
James has forty years clinical hypnotherapy experience, this hypnotherapy experience is brought into the hypnotherapy training and constantly used to update hypnotherapy methods and interventions. 
This hypnotherapy course has evolved not by just understanding the subject, we can all do this by reading books, or attending a hypnotherapy course ourselves. This hypnotherapy course has organically grown from the practical application of documented experience. Every hypnotherapy intervention taught on the SCCP hypnotherapy course, has been clinically experienced to success before being included in the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma curriculum. 
Most therapeutic interventions can be improved with the use of hypnosis, allowing you to really tap into the unconscious mind for permanent change. 
We have a process that produces quality hypnotherapists, it works. We are not looking to build an empire with many hypnotherapy training establishments, the quality would suffer. 
We restrict the number of students to twenty at any one time, this allows us to closely work with ten practising couples practising hypnotherapy, we want to be the best, not the biggest. 
8 ) Pay As You Learn Monthly Payments. 
Fees can be paid monthly by credit card, bank transfer or cash. 
We encourage you to attend your Introduction To Hypnotherapy Weekend without further commitment to the course.  
After the introduction weekend, you can continue attending each month, by paying the balance of the course or paying monthly as you learn, if you wish. There are no additional costs unless otherwise stated. 
Affordable Fees 
two great hypnotherapists trained and qualified well done guys!
That Can Be Paid As You Learn 
Conveniently Located 
Training Venue 
When can you start your new hypnotherapy career
Excellent Road & Rail Links, 25 Minutes From Heathrow 
9) Our Usual Hypnotherapy Training Venue is the University Of Surrey 
This central location is easily accessed by road, M25, M3, A3. There is ample parking. 
Easily accessed by rail, just fifteen minutes walk from Guildford main line station; easily accessed from Waterloo.  
Positioned between Heathrow and Gatwick airports, yes we have had students travelling from Europe, who fly in monthly to attend our hypnotherapy & psychotherapy courses. 
Want to stay over for the weekend, let us know, there are some very good value for money hotels, bed and breakfast and Airb&b venues locally. 
10) The SCCP Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma 
training is enjoyable. 
All training should be fun, that's when we take in information at a profound level. 
People attending our hypnotherapy courses laugh a lot, and that's just how we like to work. 
This includes the clinical practice, if humour finds its way in and the client can laugh, they are already feeling better 
You could start your new hypnotherapy career this month
If It Was Good Enough For Patch Adams  
if it is good enough for Patch Adams
Who Are We To Argue 
Non Scholæ Sed Vitæ Discimus 
We Learn, Not For School,  
But For Life 
11) We learn not for school but for life. 
We have heard so many times from students and graduates alike, 'THIS HYPNOTHERAPY COURSE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE' and as you might expect, in so many more ways than one. 
The SCCP mission, is to enable people to build a successful practice and support their community.  
Inevitably so much of the hypnotherapy training, positivity, knowledge and wisdom permeate into everyday life. 
This is how we emotionally learn and change, almost without realising, via osmosis, we absorb. 
Comments such as "I feel that I have so much to give", “I feel so much more confident about myself, in my every day life”, “I feel so much better about myself, since I started this hypnotherapy course”, “I feel in control now”, “ My partner has said that I am a happier person now”. These are comments that we regularly hear. 
You can be the best hypnotherapist in the UK, but you must have hypnotherapy clients, we understand this. 
We have not left this to chance, the SCCP Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma program, has a dedicated approach that will help you build your practice. 
Hypnotherapy practice building is a skill apart from being a hypnotherapist, we understand that marketing is not necessarily a skill that everyone has, leave that to us. We have been continually developing our Hypnotherapy practice for forty years, the SCCP has learned a few things during that time, and we want to pass this knowledge onto you. 
We have available a Hypnotherapy Practice Development Group, for a small monthly remuneration, you are able to join the BEST. Best Evolving Successful Therapists. 
By Joining the BEST, you will be able to develop your practice with the following support: 
1) A two hour monthly meeting, where we will guide you through: 
a) Website Promotion. 
b) Gaining clients, practice building and clinical support with your clients. 
2) SCCP course therapeutic intervention video support, you will be able to access videoed demonstrations of the therapeutic techniques taught during the course at anytime during your membership. As you start to practice with your clients you will be able to access these videos to sharpen your skills and add to your confidence whilst working with your clients. 
3) You will gain free membership to the the NSPsy. This amazing facility will afford you, your own web presence. If you do not have a website on graduation, you will have your own web-page with two further support pages to drive clients to your mail box. To see what is available please follow this LINK. 
Be The BEST 
Join The Best Team For Your Success. 
We judge ourselves by your success. 
Gold Standard recognised accredited training. 
Qualifications and accreditation that your clients can trust. 
Unparalleled practice development support. 
Helping you to gain from our experience. 
Twelve & Half) Free Refresher Weekends. 
This is a unique facility only available for the SCCP graduate. 
We do not know of another course that offers you the ability to return to repeat weekends of your choice. 
Most SCCP graduate therapists find this invaluable for so many reasons: 
• Another chance to gain so much more from a complex subject. 
• The ability to work with new students attending the course. 
• This allows the SCCP graduate to mentor budding therapists through the process of training. 
• Whilst practising, the therapeutic interventions in the breakout rooms, graduates gain 
further experience of using the interventions. 
• Working with a new person replicates working with a new client. 
• Builds confidence as the graduate therapist gains the experience of working with strangers. 
• There is no fee required, we just want you to be the best therapist that you can be. 
This allows you to achieve your full potential as a therapist with the SCCP. 
Benefits For The Student Working With An SCCP Graduate Therapist Whilst Training 
For some, attending A New Course is daunting, we have that covered with this approach. 
Knowing that you will be practising the therapeutic approaches with a supportive therapist offers confidence and assurance. 
The therapist will be able to share their experience with the student. 
The SCCP is just about training you to be the best therapist that you can be. 
If you wish, the SCCP wants you to return to learn more. 
If you wish, once you have graduated, the SCCP would like you to mentor new students too. 
When it comes to working with people, we are all still learning, so can you. 
We want to develop a long term successful working relationship with you. 
This will support you to build your practice. 
Conditions apply. 
We Have Taken These Top Twelve And A Half Good Reasons Why People Have Chosen To Train With 
From Graduates And Current Students. 
You Might Have Different Reasons. 
Please Let Us Know What They Are, We Will Update Our List. 
Thank You For Your Support We Are Grateful For Your Comments! 

It's Easy To Apply For A Hypnotherapy,  Counselling or Psychotherapy Diploma Course Brochure  

All you need to do is submit your enquiry below, and you will be sent a Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy brochure, with the course application form. Once we've received your application we can invite you to a friendly, informal interview, which you will need to confirm before attending. 
If you prefer please call 01932 341055, or email info@hypnotherapysurrey.com with any questions. 
Thank you for considering a Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training course. 
You can grow with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. 
hypnotherapy can help you

Request for an application form and brochure.  Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course  Counselling Certificate Psychotherapy Diploma Course: 

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What Students Have Said About Our  Hypnotherapy  Counselling  Psychotherapy  Training Courses - And The SCCP 

I felt comfortable and relaxed with Esther throughout the interview. I left knowing that the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy was the right choice for me to develop my new career. Wayne SCCP graduate 
Thank you the SCCP, I can honestly say the SCCP courses are fun, entertaining and informative, having studied with another college before finding the SCCP it was immediately apparent to me that these guys really knew their stuff, James has more than thirty five years experience to bring to the subject, which brought the lectures alive. Christine, SCCP graduate. 

Just Let Yourself Grow  With An SCCP  Advanced Hypnotherapy And Psychotherapy Diploma Course 

To read what other students have said about their training and the support they have received to build their practice: 
Blossom with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. Would you like to finish work and feel that you have made a real difference to someone else's life? You can as a therapist and we will help you to gain a placement and build your own practice. 
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