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 The biggest part of being successful in any field is not what we know but who we are. 

And this is why we can all be as successful as we chose to be. 
We have control over our own personal development and the ability to make adjustments to what we do and who we are. 
It is not our aptitude but our attitude that determines our altitude. 
Of course we need to gain the skills that we need for our chosen subject. 
Once this is achieved it is what we do with that knowledge that makes the difference. 
What we do is about us. 
If we can be honest with ourselves, the following might point the way to further improvements. 
Here we might consider what successful people have within their personality profile. 
I wonder what you can take from this. 
Not For School  
But For Life  
1) They focus on the outcome picture. 
Once we have overcome today's challenges we start to realise that we are only clearing the way to overcome tomorrows challenges. 
We need to check our progress toward our big picture at the end of each day. 
This will keep us moving in the correct direction. 
2) They are not afraid to fail. 
Being afraid to fail maintains procrastination, far better to make a mistake and an adjustment, than to freeze. The only people that never fail are those that do not attempt anything new. 
To be successful we need to welcome opportunities to learn and grow. Successful people learn from many "non successes" and gain resilience. 
3) They avoid comparing  
Others success or failure will not contribute to our success. People often only write an inflated version of their own experiences, this can be demotivating if we are comparing ourselves to others. Only by comparing ourselves to how we were, and noting our progress, can we gain an accurate sense of growth. 
4) They focus on what they can control. 
Considering anything that we are not in control of is a waste of time. Accept what has to be accepted and move on. Successful determined people, direct their energy toward what they are able to influence, to become successful. 
5) They redirect their energy toward success. 
Asking, "why is this happening to me," does not help. 
As things will not always go our way, it is unlikely that everyone will agree with us. We need to ask ourselves, what can I learn from this, what is the most productive way forward from this, toward my goal. 
6) They develop a thick skin. 
Other peoples opinions can hold us back. The last thing that we can afford to listen to is, someone being realistic who has not been on our journey. Someone who has all of the "yes, buts" will demotivate you. It will be your life passion that will take you toward your personal fulfillment and not the reasons why it will not work. 
7) They learn to be grateful 
What ever happens to us, we need to be grateful for the lessons the frustration has taught us, and the growth that we have gained from the experience. We would not have learned that lesson without the issue challenging us to change. Our perceptions can change when we remember how far we have come. 
8) They do not let their feelings hold them back. 
Feelings play an important roll in what we do and how we approach life. 
There will be times when we are tired and lacking enthusiasm, this is when we need to return to the bigger picture. If we are attempting to lose weight and we are feeling down and tired, that packet of biscuits can look tempting. This is the time to re-image ourselves in the clothes that we want to wear. This is the time to remember what we are aiming to achieve, refocus and move forward.  
9) They adapt quickly to change. 
There is usually loss and gain within change, however, change is inevitable. Once we have adjusted to the consequences that change brings, our responsibility is to to look for the most beneficial way forward for all involved. Therapists are required to regularly adjust to change, therapists facilitate change, and running a practice involves constantly flexing to the requirements of a daily client list. Clients are looking for change to enjoy progress. We need to look for the progress in the change that will enviably happen in our lives. Adjusting to change helps us to cope with adversity. 
The one consistency in life is change.  
10) They are dedicated. 
Will power will only take us so far. We require a shift in mind set to passion, enthusiasm and resilience with effective goal setting to be successful. We have to take personal responsibility whilst applying energy to drive our ambitions forward. If we are not dedicated to our cause, we are reliant on what will fall into our lap for success. Waiting for benefits to arrive is not synonymous with success.  
Soar high dive deep. 
11) They take the leap. 
Pursuing goals is an act of courage, there is uncertainty in every day. Many have dreams, getting up and making those dreams come true requires another skill set, and yes you are required to work harder than anyone else. A bird can let go of the branch because it has faith in its wings, at some point we have to let go and experience nothing under our feet. 
Whether you are deciding to lose weight, stop smoking, build a hypnotherapy practice or live a life without pain, I hope that you might take something from the above. 

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