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16 - Sep - 2014

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Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Calm, Anxiety

Hypnotherapy Surrey

The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy has been practising Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy in Surrey since 1996, 18 years. Brief strategic hypnotherapy is the most dramatically effective dynamic therapy developed to date, which means that many issues can be transformed using Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy.

When you visit our clinic in Woking or West Byfleet Surrey with an issue we will meet to discuss the optimum approach for you; after this free initial initial consultation we will work together to resolve this issue quickly and effectively.

Please click on THE HYPNOTHERAPY THERAPY CLINIC to meet your therapists who can help with a wide range of issues including, hypnotherapy for Anxiety, hypnotherapy for Anger, hypnotherapy for feeling Down & Depression, hypnotherapy for Insomnia, hypnotherapy for Panic attacks, hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, hypnotherapy for IBS, hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking, hypnotherapy for Addictions, hypnotherapy for Problem Behaviours, hypnotherapy for Unwanted habits, hypnotherapy for Confidence, hypnotherapy for Relationships, hypnotherapy for Conception, hypnotherapy for male & Female Sexual issues, hypnotherapy for Stress, hypnotherapy for Childbirth, hypnotherapy for Asthma and hypnotherapy for Psoriasis.

Every person and every issue is individual if not different & so if your issue is not listed, please call so that we can advise you on how best we can help:

Tel: 01932 34105501932 341055.

For a practice leaflet please email

We specialise in Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy, working with the population of Surrey including, Epsom, Camberley, Croydon, Sutton, Richmond, Addlestone, Guildford, Pyrford, Walton on Thames & Chertsey, West London, Middlesex & Berkshire.


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If you have a habit, behaviour, anxiety or a concern that you would like to discuss in confidence please phone for a free consultation at Hillview Medical centre Woking or The West Byfleet Clinic Surrey:

Tel 01932 34105501932 341055

Email: James

There is a large body of evidence showing the efficacy of hypnotherapy which is why hypnotherapy is used by hospitals, doctors & dentists & many other medical professionals throughout the world.

Hypnotherapy has been in use for hundreds of years world wide. It is used in hospitals in Ireland for burns victims, in Manchested for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in Belgium for anaesthesia & patients that cannot have pain control drugs. In the United Kingdom hypnotherapy is mainly practised by lay practioners, non medical; please meet your SCCP hypnotherapists:



hypnotherapy weight loss



Losing weight really can be an enjoyable fun thing to do with the support of Brief Strategic Hhypnotherapy.

James has been helping people to lose weight for more than twenty years by identifying exactly why we are eating and what we do to put on weight, once we understand these factors the recipe for losing weight is straight forward. We all know that hypnotherapy can increase motivation, strengthen resolve and in crease will power. Why not ontact James for a free initial cosultation today:

To read more:

http://www.hypnotherapysurrey. com/page/therapy_clinic


hypnotherapy stop smoking



Everyone is telling you that you can do it. And you know it makes sense.

You want to be free of what began as a pleasure, as self protection, or even an act of rebellion!


Contact the SCCP for a free initial confidential consultation.

Tel: 01932 34105501932 341055

Email: James

The quickest most effective way to help you to STOP NOW using modern brief strategic interventions with thirty years experience to help you now.

The SCCP has developed a unique approach to help you to stop smoking, working with your individual reasons, triggers & symptoms. This is not a one size fits all that does not really fit anyone. You would expect a tailor made approach for you to fit you comfortably, which is why we take the time to meet with you, without charge, ensuring the approach is right for you; before working with you.

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