​​Hypnotherapy Diploma HPD

​June 11th & 12th 2016 Find Out More

​​​​Introduction To Hypnotherapy Weekend

September 17th & 18th 2016 Find out More

Hypnotherapy Training In Surrey

View for your self a short video on training to become a clinical hypnotherapist in Surrey.

Professional Training

                ​    Introduction to Hypnotherapy Weekend                    

​Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma​

          Psychotherapy Diploma        

Internationally Recognised Accredited Qualifications  


Hypnotherapy Surrey


National Society of Psychotherapyhypnotherapy training london        

Qualifications, Awarding Bodies & Governing Bodies

The SCCP has maintained that hypnotherapy is an integrated eclectic therapeutic intervention, enhanced with Solution Focused Therapy, NLP, EFT, CBT, Psychoanalysis & Ericksonian techniques to be used within a framework of Person Centred Therapy. We believe the client is the main place of focus related to the presenting issues.

This eclectic mix of training is unique to the SCCP enabling the SCCP to offer a Psychotherapy Diploma in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy.

The ​Introduction to Hypnotherapy Weekend is an access courses to the ​Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma ​ and ​Psychotherapy Diploma​

The Advanced Diploma is accredited by the National Council of Hypnotherapists, NCH & the​ Hypnotherapy Association, HA.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD, is awarded through the NCH by the NCFE who award to NVQ4 a vocational award which can lead to Open University credits; these may be used toward a relevant degree.

The Open University (OU) The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma has 45 academic credits from the Open University at Undergraduate level 1 (FHEQ Level 4) which count towards a relevant degree.

The Psychotherapy Diploma is accredited by the National Society of Psychotherapists, NSP.

Clinical Placement Scheme

There is a large body of evidence showing the efficacy of hypnotherapy which is why hypnotherapy is used by hospitals, doctors & dentists & many other medical professionals throughout the world.

Hypnotherapy has been in use for hundreds of years world wide. It is used in hospitals in Ireland for burns victims, in Manchester UK for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in Belgium for anesthesia & patients that cannot have pain control drugs.

With thirty years clinical experience the SCCP have been involved in clinical practice within an NHS setting for more than twenty years.

Formally involved with graduate doctor training at Frimley Park Hospital during 2009 regarding the use of clinical hypnotherapy within a clinical NHS enviroment.

We are dedicated to offering first class training & clinical support to building placement opportunities within the professional health care environment.  

The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy's aim is to assist SCCP graduates to develop their practice within an NHS setting, to gain referrals from NHS professionals by offering Brief Strategic Solution Focused Therapy to client issues, achieving the earliest possible resolutions to client concerns.

Hypnotherapy Courses in Surrey

Approved Prior Learning, APL

For hypnotherapy students & qualified practitioners from other training institutions.

Many students and qualified therapists from other training institutions have completed their training and upgraded skills and resources & qualifications with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

STUDENTS - To complete your training with the SCCP please EMAIL details of your training to date or Click to call to discuss. 

QUALIFIED THERAPISTS - To enhance your qualifications or add subjects and skills to your practice please feel free to book into any weekend or course that you feel is appropriate for you.

Hypnotherapy training guildford

Continuing  Professional  Development, CPD

All professionals are required to complete a specified amount of hours each year for CPD.

Feel free to look through our training programs to attend any subject or weekends which you might consider appropriate for CPD.


​​Introduction to Hypnotherapy Weekend September 17th & 18th 2016 (Sat & Sun)​​

​Advanced Diploma Course May 07th & 08th 2016          

Hypnotherapy Surrey

Successfully Training Hypnotherapists Since 1996

For 20 Years

The SCCP was developed to assist those interested in practicing hypnosis & hypnotherapy: including those with a general interest in hypnosis & hypnotherapy to gain the skills and tuition required to successfully & ethically practice hypnotherapy.

SCCP graduates are in the unique position of being able to develop a practice with an internationally recognised qualification whilst gaining accredited status through the National Society of Psychotherapists

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Ten minutes walk from West Byfleet main line station.

West Byfleet main line station is just 28 minutes from London Waterloo  


M25 Junction 10 or 11 

Training held at

Marist Catholic School, West Byfleet, KT14 6HS

Old Woking Road A245


Q - Are you a college or a therapy clinic?

A - Thirty years ago we started working as therapists, we have brought our clinical evidenced based skills to the training. This in tern  has made us better therapists & trainers.


Hypnotherapy Surrey

If you have a habit, behaviour, anxiety or a concern that you would like to discuss in confidence please phone for a free consultation at Hillview Medical Centre Woking or The West Byfleet Clinic Surrey. Email: James

There is a large body of evidence showing the efficacy of hypnotherapy which is why hypnotherapy is used by hospitals, doctors & dentists & many other medical professionals throughout the world.

Hypnotherapy has been in use for hundreds of years world wide. It is used in hospitals in Ireland for burns victims, in Manchester for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in Belgium for anaesthesia & patients that cannot have pain control drugs. In the United Kingdom hypnotherapy is mainly practised by lay practioners, non medical. To meet your SCCP hypnotherapists why not visit our  hypnotherapy ​Therapy Clinic

             weight loss

Lose Weight the Easy Way

Losing weight really can be an enjoyable fun thing to do with the support of Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy.

James has been helping people to lose weight for thirty years by identifying exactly why we are eating and what we do to put on weight, once we understand these factors the recipe for losing weight is straight forward. 

We all know that hypnotherapy can increase motivation, strengthen resolve and increase will power. Why not contact James for a free initial consultation today. To read more please visit our Hypnotherapy ​Therapy Clinic

             stop smoking

Stop Smoking Quickly and Easily in Surrey Today with Brief Strategic Hypnotherapy

Everyone is telling you that you can do it. And you know it makes sense. You want to be free of what began as a pleasure, as self protection, or even an act of rebellion!

WANT TO BE A NON-SMOKER? Call the SCCP for a free initial confidential consultation. Email: James

The quickest most effective way to help you to STOP NOW using modern brief strategic interventions with thirty years’ experience to help you now.

The SCCP has developed a unique approach to help you to stop smoking, working with your individual reasons, triggers & symptoms. This is not a one size fits all, that doesn’t really fit anyone. You would expect a tailor made approach for you to fit you comfortably, which is why we take the time to meet with you, without charge, ensuring the approach is right for you; before working with you. To read more please visit our Hypnotherapy ​Therapy Clinic


To stop smoking after 25yrs was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! I had tried so many times before with out success. Someone suggested ‘hypnotherapy’ and I was quite sceptical and VERY nervous ! I did a search the internet and eventually found James. I went back to his site many times – I wanted to make sure. In the end, after lots of thinking, I took the plunge, I felt that James was the best to speak to so made the call !!I was so pleased I did, James took so much time finding the right approach for me. I would highly recommend that anyone who has something in their life they wish to take control of speak to James – I am sure he will do everything he can to help.I have told lots of people about James & hypnotherapy & the way he works, he is the one to help you.I am now officially a NON SMOKER, EF Woking, Surrey: Therapy Clinic

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