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Understanding And Working With Depression 

After 1,100 Brain Scans It Has Been Revealed That There Are Four Types Of Depression 
After extensive brain scan research, four types of depression have been identified. 
The brain scans revealed distinctly different types of brain activity in each type of depression. 
The finding may eventually lead to treatments targeted to the particular sub-type of depression. 
Dr. Liston, who led the research, said: 
“The four sub-types of depression that we discovered vary in terms of their clinical symptoms but, more importantly, they differ in their responses to treatment. 
 Bio-type 1 is characterised by anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. 
 Bio-type 2 is characterised by exhaustion and low energy. 
 Bio-type 3 is characterised by an inability to feel pleasure as 
well as slowed movements and speech. 
 Bio-type 4 is characterised mostly by anxiety with insomnia 
along with the inability to experience pleasure. 
They are called ‘bio-types’ because of the biological means (brain scans) used to identify them. 
Possibly the biological approach will help to provide some extra precision for diagnosis and treatment. 
"Brain scans are objective.” Said Dr Liston. 
The conclusions come from a study of over 1,100 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) brain scans of people with depression, compared with healthy controls. Researchers at seven different institutions worked to identify the abnormal patterns of connectivity in the brains and how they were linked to depressive symptoms. 
They found the patterns clustered together. For example, one group had reduced connectivity in the part of the brain that is important for fear-related behaviour. This was most often seen in sub-types 1 and 4, both of which are characterised by high levels of anxiety. 

The SCCP Approach To Understanding And Working With Depression. 

Congratulations to Michael & Manuela, who are now fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  
For many years the SCCP has understood that people's experience of depression is as different as the reasons for the depression being present, however combining factors are often experienced as: 
The mind appears to work slowly, experiencing low energy levels, slow responses, exhaustion, able to sleep many hours with out recovery, fatigue. 
The mind appears to work too quickly, experiencing, over stimulation, anxiety, stress, insomnia and eventually exhaustion. 
Both responses can be experienced by the same client at different times. 
We are context and state dependent, and so unable to access a pleasurable experience, even when it is happening, if we are in a depressed state, but we can access information related to perceived failure 
As we move into a depressed state, it can feel as if our previous successes, skills and resources have never happened or been available. 
Our thinking changes to support the state or context, and so the conversation and cognitive processing facilitates the feelings. 
This is a simplistic explanation however, by utilising the SCCP frame work we are able to address the personal individual experiences of the client. This straightforward technique, combined with the therapeutic interventions developed by the SCCP are discussed, demonstrated and practised over this weekend. 
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