The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy We Wish You  A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year  

2017 has been an amazing year,  we have covered so much ground together, and we hope that you have with your friends and family. 

It is time now to ready the year for closure, and look forward to what we want to achieve in 2018.  
No doubt you will be considering 2017, and your choice of changes for 2018 at some point. 
I wanted to share some personal thoughts with you in the spirit of new beginnings, ready for 2018. 
After years of striving to gain and understand, I wonder: 
Does anything really belong to us forever? 
The watch we wear, our home, our books, our cars, our youth, even our family friends and loved ones. 
These things can only be ours for a period of time. 
There is no true ownership. 
Don't we develop rules and beliefs to create the illusion of permanence? 
Perhaps I will keep those comfortable illusions a little longer, until I learn to cope without them? 
What of the problems we faced in 2017? 
Possibly our biggest problem was wanting no problems. 
Our perception is that we would be happier without problems. 
But what would we do without family, friends or the things that came with the problems?  
And what would we do, if we could not solve those problems? 
Wouldn't we lose the social skills to cope? 
Perhaps we attempt to solve problems by eating, drinking, working too much, even making dramatic long term decisions for the elevation of short term stresses? 
But aren't these signs of emotional distress and don't we need to take this more seriously. 
Things turn out badly when we don't address these coping mechanisms. 
These are some of the things that I discuss with my therapist, and my belief in my lack of spirituality; that I resolve my own problems without a spiritual compass.  
I wait for her to stop laughing, and then I can feel myself healing. 
She laughs when I say something untrue. 
Sarah laughs a lot? 
I like that kind of therapy, It is genuine, uncomplicated, it's honest; I understand quickly and question myself. On a good day, I feel myself change. 
In contemplation, I have spent some time by the sea recently. 
There is something that opens the mind with that broad horizon. 
The power and tranquility of the waves. 
It's a place to lose your mind and find your sole. 
Such places allow me to feel insignificant and yet attached, grateful to be a part of this drama. 
And there is a realness of understanding, that I am as transient, spent, and as powerful as those waves rolling into the sand
Self-discovery provides me with a sense of being and purpose 
A realisation that my life is my choice. 
There is only one thing worse than not having a choice. 
The frustration and fear of having choice. 
So by all means, we can limit our choices by our values and beliefs, 
By the things we love and loath. 
Isn't that all we really have, what we experience right now, and what we hang on to? 
Perhaps that is the cause of some pain, the illusion of permanence. 
Perhaps the illusion of permanence allows us not to care so much, takes the pressure off, we can let things go, it will always be there? 
I wonder how we would be different, if we lived each day as if it were our last, 
No past, no future, just going for gold every second, as if this were the only moment we might have. 
Would we be more attentive, forgiving, accepting, try harder? 
I am saying nothing new 
And you have done me a huge favour by listening and reading. 
I am grateful 
May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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