The SCCP Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, Level One & Two  Are Part Of The EMDR Plus Weekend. October 19th & 20th 2019  

With NSP Trainer James Golding. 

What is EFT? 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as 'Tapping' is a meridian energy technique marrying the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern western psychology. It shares principles with acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology and kinesiology and is part of a growing movement known as Energy Psychology. 
In its simplest form the practice involves acupressure: applying light pressure to the end points of energetic meridian lines while tuning in to a specific emotional or physical problem. Despite its gentle approach it has acquired a reputation for achieving quick, lasting results relatively painlessly when compared to other forms of psycho- and somatic therapy. 
It easily integrates with other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy, counselling, Neurolinguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, traditional allopathic medicine, massage, kinesiology, acupuncture, to name but a few. 
EFT is a direct descendant of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) a meridian energy technique developed in the 1980s by Psychologist, Dr Roger Callahan. EFT was introduced in the early 1990s by Gary Craig, a Stanford graduate engineer with an interest in psychology and Neuro linguistic Programming, who trained with Roger Callahan. Gary Craig, along with his personally trained EFT Masters has successfully disseminated this unique method all over the world. 
An ever increasing body of scientific research has validated the effectiveness of this powerful therapeutic tool (see A recent study published in the Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care, which sought to establish the effectiveness of EFT for emotional conditions within the NHS in Sandwell, supported the potential of EFT "as a cost-effective treatment for a range of psychological and physical disorders" (Stewart et al., 2013)[Stewart, A., Boath, E., Carryer, A., Walton, I. & Hill, L. (2013) Can Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) be Effective in the Treatment of Emotional Conditions? Results of a Service Evaluation in Sandwell. The Journal of Psychological Therapies in Primary Care, vol. 2 71-84.] 

About NSP International 

The National Society for Psychotherapists is working for the Advancement of meridian techniques, offering international accreditation for EFT practitioners and trainers. It is a voluntary organisation and its aim is to promote EFT and EFT research; to establish and uphold the highest standards of ethics and conduct amongst trainers and practitioners; to standardise the training and practice of EFT and to validate its members' qualifications. Its purpose is to safeguard the public as well as to support its members and forge links with professional organisations. 

Our EFT Training 

Our EFT Training courses are accredited by NSP International. They start from an exploration of Gary Craig's original teachings and from there expand into an exploration of new, progressive innovations which have evolved over the last 20 years. Teaching methods include live and videoed demonstrations and the opportunity to experience and practise the techniques on yourself and others in a supportive and fun atmosphere. 

EFT Level 1  

Level 1 is the first step into the exciting and life-changing journey of Emotional Freedom. This one-day training is the foundation upon which all EFT qualifications are built. Whether you choose to learn EFT to change your own life or to help others change theirs by becoming a qualified EFT Practitioner; or you are a therapist looking for a new powerful technique to add to your therapeutic toolbox, this is your starting point.  
At The SCCP we are committed to empowering you with a thorough grounding in the essentials of EFT, whoever you are and whatever qualifications and experience you bring. The basics of this stunningly effective technique are so easily learned that even if you are new to psychological therapy you will finish the day confident to use the technique to free yourself, friends and family from a multitude of psychological, emotional and physical symptoms. Existing health practitioners will end the day having assimilated enough to integrate EFT into their practice to achieve immediately impressive results with their clients 
Existing health practitioners will be ready to integrate EFT immediately into their practice to achieve impressive results with their clients and patients. 
EFT Level 1 workshop is tremendous value as stand-alone training. Even if you take it no further, you will have gained an invaluable tool for life. However, many are so intrigued by the amazing potential of EFT that they are inspired to progress into the artistry of the Certified EFT Practitioner Level (Level 2) and the mastery of the Advanced EFT Practitioner (Level 3) training's. 
Our EFT Training courses offer a firm foundation in Gary Craig's original teachings and from there expand into an exploration of new, progressive innovations. Teaching methods include individual and group demonstrations, and the chance to practise using the techniques on yourself and others in a safe, supportive and fun atmosphere.. 

The Level 1 syllabus in a nutshell: 

The Background and History of EFT 
The Discovery Statement 
Gary Craig's Full Basic Recipe 
Psychological Reversal 
The Short Cut Version 
The Importance of Getting Specific 
The Personal Peace Procedure 
Borrowing Benefits 
EFT for Addictive Cravings 
EFT for Pain/Physical Discomfort 
Developing questioning skills 
A course manual is provided and after successful completion of the workshop you will receive an attendance certificate which will entitle you to proceed onto Level 2 Practitioner Training, and to work towards becoming an NSP registered practitioner. 

EFT Level 2  to read more 

An EFT Level 1 Attendance Certificate is all that is required to register for the Level 2 course. It is suggested that students complete 6 hours of reading EFT books and watching videos (such as those recommended on our Level 1 Reading List) before undertaking the training days although. 
This exciting two-day Level 2 training builds and expands upon the foundations of Level 1, developing confidence in the skills and techniques learned there, progressing through further advanced techniques and encouraging the student to develop their own artistry by combining with other therapeutic tools and using their intuition. 
The course paves the way to becoming certified and accredited as an NSP registered EFT Practitioner. 
At Level 2 the student develops the use of gentle yet powerful techniques for working with trauma, phobias and limiting beliefs. We re-visit physical issues in greater depth, finding and treating the origins of presenting symptoms and identifying and working with any resistances that may be present. 
We also learn how to troubleshoot when EFT appears not to be working. 
We are committed to and passionate about producing qualified EFT practitioners who are safe, competent, creative and confident. The two-day training is intensive but includes time to watch live and videoed demonstrations and to practise on yourself and others in a safe and supportive environment. 
Throughout this process we pride ourselves in offering as much support and encouragement as our students need to become the best EFT Practitioners they can be. 

The Level 2 syllabus in a nutshell: 

A Recap of The Basic Recipe & Short-cut Recipes 
Additional Tapping Points 
More Creative Ways to Use EFT 
The Trauma Techniques: Telling the Story; Movie Technique; Tearless Trauma 
Working with an Unpleasant Memory 
Gentleness through Dissociation 
Physical Issues & Chasing the Pain 
Constricted Breathing Technique 
Finding Core Issues, Specific Events & Aspects 
Asking Key Questions 
Advanced Psychological Reversal 
Testing your Results 
Limiting Beliefs & The Palace of Possibilities 
Group work & Borrowing Benefits 
An Introduction to Surrogate Tapping 
An Introduction to Working with Children & Animals 
EFT by Telephone & Skype 
Reminder of Safety for Self & Client 
Legal & Ethical Implications 
How to Achieve your Practitioner Certificate 
Joining the NSP 
A course manual is provided and following the training days you will receive an attendance certificate. After successful completion of the coursework you will obtain your Level 2 Practitioner Certificate which is required in order to join the NSP at Practitioner Level. 
Once qualified students are responsible for maintaining their NSP status through Mentoring / Supervision and Continuing Professional Development 
All NSP practitioners commit to attending twelve hours one-to-one supervision, Skype is optional and to attend twenty four hours of continuing professional development (CPD) a year. 
All NSP registered therapists are required to work to the NSP Codes of Conduct. 
Qualifying CPD events have a broad definition. It is not necessary that your study is specifically EFT based, please see NSP website. 
*Please note that there is an additional charge for the marking of case studies, live observation and supervision. 

EFT Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner Training 

Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Level is for those who are serious about taking their EFT practice to new levels of mastery. In this two-day training we launch off from the essential formula into the orbit of the more radical and metaphysical expressions of tapping therapies. 
We do not so much throw away the rule book, but rather stand on it to gain wider perspectives and new levels of therapeutic excellence. From this place we cross boundaries and reach for new frontiers- from Gary Craig to infinity and beyond! 
Along the way we visit a few of the EFT Masters' developments and revisions, and you are encouraged to experiment with your own unique skills and personal qualities to individualise your EFT practise and integrate it with other ideas and approaches. 
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner status is awarded when you pass the post-course assessment which includes a minimum of 4 acceptable case studies; an online exam; 6 hours of supervision; and an observed live session*. 
You will continue to be responsible for maintaining your NSP status through Mentoring/Supervision and Continuing Professional Development. 
We are passionate about teaching all three levels but Level 3 is especially exciting as this is where EFT can really come to life; where you can really start to challenge yourself and transform your practice into new levels of mastery. 
*Please note that there is an additional charge for the marking of case studies, live observation and supervision. 

The Level 3 syllabus includes: 

Further Refinements to the Tapping Process and Being Creative 
Using your Intuition 
Blending EFT with NLP and Other Therapies 
Faster EFT 
Positive choices 
Parts + Inner Conflict 
EFT for the Inner Child and an Introduction to The Matrix 
More on Working with Children - the use of Tapping Bears 
EFT and Serious Disease 
Surrogate Tapping 
Humour and Provocative Energy Techniques 
Love and Forgiveness 
The Transpersonal and Metaphysical dimension 
A course manual is provided and following the training days you will receive an attendance certificate. 
After successful completion of the coursework and supervision you will obtain your Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certificate which is necessary for you to join NSP at Advanced Practitioner Level. 
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