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Training Testimonials - What some students have said about the training: 

Sue Moore
I recently completed my Hypnotherapy Diploma course from the SCCP. As an established Person Centred Counsellor I was looking for a course to enhance and update my current skill set by adding Hypnotherapy, and this Course was the only one I could find that also included the Brief Strategic Interventions of NLP, EMDR, EFT, Solution Focused and Positive Psychology.  
James the creator of the Course has many years of experience and a broad depth of knowledge. His lectures are enjoyable and entertaining. From the very first weekend he enabled me to have the confidence to employ my newly learnt skills with great immediate results. 
This is not just another hypnotherapy course, for me it has changed both my work and my personal life in such a positive way. I thoroughly enjoyed every weekend and I would definitely recommend SCCP Training.  
“I have recently qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist from the SCCP with James Golding as my tutor. 
I found the course to be highly informative and extremely supportive in nature. I started and completed the course online due to coronavirus restrictions, which at first I was hesitant about. However I was pleased to find the remote learning and practice with my peers offered benefits which I hadn’t considered. 
James was supportive and kind from the beginning, acknowledging that we had all approached hypnotherapy from different backgrounds and understanding that we would have our own personal energy to offer to the practice. 
I have been really impressed with the content provided on this course and can say that as a practising hypnotherapist now, it’s invaluable to be able to have the ability to accurately retrace my notes with ease and look back on such detailed learning due to the simple structure of the course. I would highly recommend the SCCP to anyone looking for a meaningful change in their careers and, indeed, personal growth. 
I found the SCCP course while searching for hypnotherapy training which would enhance not only my practical skills but that would also give me an in depth understanding of how and why hypnotherapy works. I got so much more than I’d hoped for! James, creator of the course, believes in training his students to become therapists. He is willing and eager to share his vast experience and expertise so that students have a vast array of brief strategic interventions in their tool kit. We were provided with a comprehensive manual covering every aspect of the syllabus. His eclectic approach means that students come away with 6 qualifications, including the Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. The course is fully accredited by the NCH, HA & NSPsy and leads to a further qualification (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) if desired. I recommend this course without reservation. https://www.mindshiftcoaching.org/about/ 
"Gaining NCH, HA, NCFE, & NSP recognised qualifications means for me these are properly recognised courses, not just privately awarded certificates. The HPD means I can confidently use these qualifications in the Medical Centre and sports clinic" 
Edward SCCP graduate 
"The Diploma Course for me, was the best investment that I have ever made for myself. It changed me, made me see how I could take control of my life and how I gave my personal power to others without realising." 
Linda SCCP graduate 
"Having joined the SCCP community in 2003, and completed the certificate course with the SCCP, I was, at first, apprehensive about committing to the full diploma as hypnotherapy was, at the time, still mainly a hobby for me, Thanks to James's support, enthusiasm and encouragement, I then went on to complete the HPD, and I can honestly say my life was changed forever. I set up a small but successful practice, closely supervised and increasingly supported by James and, with his help, offered therapy to the wide ranging clients that came to see me. 
In the classroom, I was always amazed at how James could address such a big class for so long, with ABSOLUTE confidence and authority on the never ending subject of therapy, confidence that can only be achieved from his experience, while also allowing us all to discuss each topic, so as to really understand the subject. 
I was also impressed by the fact that, within supervision, James was a completely different, but equally professional person showing all the qualities that makes him such a good therapist, and, as such, any clients I refer to him, I punctuate with the words "I would trust him with my life". 
As such, now 9 years on, I am PROUD to call James a lifelong friend, being in regular contact with him, and as such, he knows me better than anyone else I've ever met, and gladly so." 
Steve SCCP graduate 
"The course covers a variety of theoretical aspects with plenty of practise, and I have really relished the learning involved. There is a lot of debate, discussion and practical help in learning hypnotherapy, and I always enjoy the time spent with the group. The course is really well put together, and I chose this one because of the integrative approach as well as the fact that it is recognised by the OU. Victoria SCCP graduate 
Studying with James at the SCCP has been fun and enjoyable, I have made new friends as well as learning about myself and others and making positive changes within myself. A fantastic course to discover yourself or to make a wonderful career change. The lecturers teach in a relaxed, friendly and easy going atmosphere which is very enjoyable for anyone! Ed SCCP graduate 
I trained with SCCP hoping to add to my private practice as a psychotherapist. The rewards are great as I am able to add further 'tools' to the therapy toolbox and see my clients make progress in a much shorter time frame when using hypnotherapy. The training was absolutely invaluable and I would strongly recommend the SCCP course to others either as an 'add-on' or as a 'standalone' therapy. " 
"If you are looking for a course that is great value for money, this is the course for you. After looking at other courses I found that the SCCP covered so much more than other courses out there and uses so many different approaches. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to learn something new!" 
Esther SCCP graduate 
"I can honestly say that my Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy course was life-changing! I've worked through the obstacles holding me back, and feel I am being of real service to my clients whilst building my practice." 
Tracey SCCP graduate. 
"The SCCP have created a very inspiring and insightful course that will not only develop you as person but give you practical tools to help others. The course covers a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques that allow you to successfully access and resolve issues within your clients. James offers support with assignments, clients and case studies both during and post qualifying. If you are looking for a modern eclectic approach to hypnotherapy I would sincerely recommend studying with the SCCP." 
Rasunah SCCP graduate 
"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student at the SCCP. It has given me many extra skills which help me cope with all manner of clients in my private practice and the support given by the principal is still ongoing, even though I gained my HPD over a year ago - I can still return to classes (without paying fees) at any time to refresh my memory and the Master classes help turn the theory into a workable product. I can definitely recommend this course as all that I have learnt has enabled me to become a competent, professional hypnotherapist with a thriving practice." 
Linda SCCP graduate 
"Finding a respected and accredited course is the most important place to begin. Having embarked and completed my course with the surrey college of clinical hypnotherapy & psychotherapy, I feel well prepared and competent with recognised qualifications " 
Wayne SCCP graduate 
"If developing motivation inside other people excites you, then this course is for you. If hypnotherapy is for you I can thoroughly recommend this course." 
David SCCP graduate 
"The course gives you a great 'get up and go' attitude to get on and make positive changes in your own life as well as others. The weekends are intense but you gain so many skills and procedures to help your clients" 
Margaret SCCP graduate 
"Completing the Certificate Course has helped me to focus on my goals and reassess my approach to life, I have decided to become a full time clinical hypnotherapist and gain satisfaction whilst earning a living. I don't feel that I am just working to earn money now but doing something worth while for others and I can see this reflected in my clients!" 
Alan SCCP graduate 
"I have completed the course and learnt so much about myself, I feel that I have rediscovered myself, now in the process of developing my practice which is going really well! Inspiring, thank you." 
Sarah SCCP graduate 
"Being a student at SCCP has improved my practise and both my professional and personal development. I now have more tools of proven therapeutic value and have updated my skill." 

Client Testimonials 

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