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Hypnotherapy The Transformation Process Your First Appointment 

For Your Safety & Comfort Please Ensure That you Read The following Before Listening To The Recording 
Please Ensure: 
1) you are not driving or operating machinery. 
2) as a precaution, you set an alarm on your phone for the time that you have allowed to practice 
3) you are lying down and supported comfortably on a soft surface  
4) you have nothing crossed, this will allow you to protect vulnerable veins and arteries. 
Please click on the video to listen to the first phase of the Transformation Process: 
Please do NOT focus on accuracy or worry about getting this right, please accept your environment with all of the distractions are a part of the world that you are learning to relax in. 
The most important thing for you to do is to plan when you are going to practise this intervention. 
If you wait until you have thirty minutes with nothing to do before supporting yourself, it is unlikely to happen
Managing Feelings 
On our next appointment we will be developing this a little further, eventually you will be able to become relaxed at will but it will take a little practice. 
Please remember this is a journey and the destination is learning to be calm and relaxed about your life, your discomfort and yourself, managing your mind and body rather than them managing you. 
These are the first steps to taking control of your life experience. 
Please remember you are NOT trying to get this right! 
Trying for perfection will cause stress in your life, ( a perfectionist nature, is not needing things to be perfect but requiring something to be right for you, before experiencing happiness or being able to relax) you want your practising to be GOOD ENOUGH to relax you. 
Receiving these support emails, and practising will help you to manage your body and your mind better, gradually. 
Please do not expect the world to be quiet for you whilst practising, your world is not quiet, it has an enormous amount of sensory input, and amongst this you are required and expected to perform, practise these skills and you will. 
If you have any concerns please email me rather than waiting until our next appointment to discuss, we both want you to feel more in control, practise this and you will start to. 
I look forward to meeting you again for the next step. 
You might find this page of interest STRESS & ANXIETY 
I have yet to finish proof reading this page and I probably never will, I guess for me, it is probably good enough but what do you think? 
It would be helpful whilst practising, to imagine yourself having gained what you want from our sessions. 
This will help you develop new neuro pathways to a more successful you, mental rehearsal. 
It would be interesting to see what comes to you? 
How do you look? 
What are others noticing about you? 
How are you thinking? 
What are you doing that is different? 
Please make a note of the positive changes that you experience and wish to repeat in the future, we can amplify these at our next meeting. 
Kind regards 
Tel: 01932 341055 
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Successfully training therapists since 1996. 
Please down load this word document. 
This information will benefit your progress
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