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 What Are The Real Causes Of Depression And  How Do We Remain Resilient And Buoyant  

Certainly a lack of serotonin is now robustly rejected as the cause of depression, which places medication and pharma at question. 
Whilst "What Are The Causes of Depression" is a valid question, we come to the conclusion that there are many answers, certainly everyone's depression is different however, there are common denominators: 
1) Having a lack of control. 
2) Not having a voice, as we might experience by being passive and not assertive. 
3) A lack of meaning or purpose in life, include meaningful connections with others, attachment. 
4) Not being valued and the quality of what we value. 
Whilst ones experience might be of anger or anxiety, these are considered to be depressive states. 
" Man was born to fail but live in hope" 
Some see this statement as depressing, for me it highlights mans spiritual need for hope, to be able to continue, it identifies what makes us human. The need for hope is identified in the four common denominators, a reduction in hope is proportionate with our change in mood. 
The classic tribute to hope, from the Holocaust  
Viktor E Frankl 
Existentially, depression can be seen as a healing process, providing there is a guide to light, which might offer hope. 
Perhaps it is time to become a therapist?  
The work offers meaning and purpose, the feeling of being valued by a client restores faith in the self. 
What of control? 
You are working for you as well, your needs, working when you need to means you are in control

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