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Hypnotherapy Training 
Advanced Hypnotherapy  
Diploma Training Venue 
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The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy  
is not part of The University of Surrey. 
We are fortunate enough to be able to hire training facilities  
at the University of Surrey to run our courses. 
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Who Wants Change? 
We All Want Someone Or Something To Change. 
We Help You Use The Communications Skills That You Already Have: 
It doesn't matter how carefully we word things within our clinical or intimate relationships, we will create resentment if we do not follow a few simple steps: 
Is this just about your personal relationships, of course not. 
This is about our relationships in general, these skills are paramount with your client and personal relationships, if you are thinking about working with relationships or even couples please read on: 
The obvious tips are: 
Use "I" and not "you" statements, when we use "you" we usually appear critical and aggressive, criticism will agenda a defensive response, the other will usually feel attacked and defend. Defensive conversations are often destructive. 
Be careful about timing. You want to set aside a time to talk about problems, rather than spring them on your partner, who might be tired or wrestling with an issue of their own. 
Look for a compromise as a resolution and not a change. 
Listening means take turns, saying what you feel and why you feel that way, not waiting for the other to stop talking so that another point can be made. 
Be a good listener, make sure you repeat what you've just heard, so your partner or client knows you have herd, this is very much a Person Centred approach and part of the structure of the course. 
Negotiate a solution that works for both people, if we are relating this to your client, make sure your client would be comfortable with this approach in their lives. 
Please remember, when you feel upset, these are your feelings, when your client is upset it is their feelings, rarely the fault of anyone else but a response from previous experiences.  
Working these feelings through, by projecting your pain onto another will predict that you continue the cycle of pain throughout relationships, this will be the same for your client. 
If You Never Heal from What Hurt You, You Will Bleed On People That Didn't Cut You. 
And this is just the beginning.  
We practice these communication techniques, through role-play, exercises and lectures throughout the course. 
This not just a hypnotherapy course please read the syllabus here>>>>>> 
25 / 11 / 18 
Communication Skills That We Use In The Clinical Practice Can Be Similar To The Skills We Use In Our Personal And Intimate Relationships. 
We All Want Something Or Someone To Change  
Real Change  
Comes From Personal Change. 
In Our Next Blog 
We will be discussing how successful therapists and couples communicate, accepting that conflict is a natural part of any close relationship. 
Conflict resolution approaches. 
Realising and accepting, the reasons that we are upset are usually buried in the past, how to uncover and heal. 
The repetitive coping mechanisms that we use to defend our feelings, resentfully withdrawing, sulking, physically withdrawing, blaming the other etc. 
Yes, this is probably going on in your practice and at home, in relationships. 
How we live, work and cope with this pain whilst evolving. 
The secret ingredient that will help your client change, is the dynamic that helps us to remain in love in a long term relationship. 
Hey! And How to develop that ability. 
There is a reason why we refer to this course as advanced: 
We are not just teaching therapeutic techniques, and certainly not just hypnosis, this is a course for those who want to become a therapist. 
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You can grow with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. 
Diploma Course 
Please note: 
The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy  
is not part of The University of Surrey. 
We are fortunate enough to be able to hire training facilities  
at the University of Surrey to run our courses. 

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Could you imagine enjoying a career where you made a difference to peoples lives? 
By doing the best for and helping others, you can have a highly successful business. 
This Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course offers you the opportunity to join a recognised, accredited, professional training program.  
You will gain the skills to help people overcome addictions, fears, phobias, anxieties, even issues like depression and build self-esteem and confidence.. 
GDPR Compliant 
I felt comfortable and relaxed with Esther throughout the interview. I left knowing that the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy was the right choice for me to develop my new career. Wayne SCCP graduate 
Thank you the SCCP, I can honestly say the SCCP courses are fun, entertaining and informative, having studied with another college before finding the SCCP it was immediately apparent to me that these guys really knew their stuff, James has more than thirty five years experience to bring to the subject, which brought the lectures alive. Christine, SCCP graduate. 
When you train with the  
Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, SCCP,  
we will teach you clinically proven cutting edge techniques that will offer your clients complete freedom from their issues and concerns. 
We Have The Track Record To Support That Statement. 
Successfully Training Therapists Since 1996 
Just Let Yourself Grow With An Advanced Hypnotherapy Or Psychotherapy Diploma Course 
To read what other students have said about their training and the support they have received to build their practice: 
Blossom with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. Would you like to finish work and feel that you have made a real difference to someone else's life? You can as a therapist and we will help you to gain a placement and build your own practice. 
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