Course Suitability  Terms & Conditions  


All Training fees & deposits are required prior to course or weekend commencement. 
For students committed to taking the course we aim to make the cost affordable. To that end we have a number of payment options which we think offer unrivaled flexibility and value. Fees can be made via cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, credit card. Discounts are only available to students paying via bank transfer or cheque. 
The course fees include all training materials and certifications; there are no hidden extras.  
There are always expenses to be met when arranging a training course, room fees printing etc and these have to be paid for in advance, course fees will only be reimbursed if the training is cancelled; apart from this, course fees are none refundable or transferable, we are unable to reimburse course fees; with out exception. 
If you are unable to attend a weekend we will do everything we can to ensure you complete any missed time on the following course; this is subject to available places, however, we have always been able to accommodate students in this way so far. 
However, regardless of course attendance, you are required to pay for the training course in full. 
Students are required to complete a minimum of 80% of the course to graduate, subject to completion of missed time on the following course. 
Completion of missed time is required, due to governing body requiring set face to face training hours to accredit the course and your qualifications. 

Certificated Weekends 

Students are required to attend the complete weekend from starting time to finish time to receive a certificate. 


Governing bodies require registered therapists to be in supervision which is also part of our therapeutic training. 
Supervision sessions are required for the HPD & Diploma in Psychotherapy, typically although not exclusively addressed toward the end of the course in support of your HPD, fees are detailed in the Course Fees section. 

Applying For The Course 

Upon receipt of your booking form & deposit you will receive an informal invitation to discuss the course over coffee; after this discussions you will receive formal confirmation of registration. If for any reason you or we feel that the course is not for you, your deposit will be returned in full. If there is anything that you wish to discuss please contact us or. 

Delegate Behaviour 

The SCCP reserves the right to remove a participant from the course due to incompatibility; this has not happened in over twenty years, however we reserve the right. 
Aggressive behaviour shown toward tutors or students is not acceptable, whether verbal, physical or in the written form, including texts, emails or social media. 
Failure to comply with the standards and practices that would be expected from a person holding a professional position will result in exclusion from the course without compensation. 

Course content, training dates & venues 

The SCCP, awarding bodies, and governing bodies reserve the right to change course content, training dates, lecturing staff and training venues, without prior consultation. 
All presented course material remain the property of the SCCP. Course material is supplied for education only. 
By attending SCCP lectures all delegates, students, tutors & lectures agree to the above terms and conditions.